Liquidity Access Layer for Web3
omni-chain DEX and bridge aggregator
Slippage protection
via route splitting and volume splitting
Arbitrage scanner
with instant execution

Our unique features

Unified Cross-chain Liquidity

You’ll get secure access to the liquidity locked in all DEXs for all market pairs, so you can submit any transaction, no matter the size. Akka aggregates liquidity pools on Core Chain with support for more chains in the works.

Any-to-any Swap

Akka operates both as a single-chain liquidity aggregator and an omni-chain swap solution for any-to-any trading. We aggregate DEX liquidity pools on the source and destination chains to discover paths with the best rates for your any-to-any swaps.

One-click Transaction

No more hoping between DEXs and bridges when swapping your crypto. Simply sign Akka’s smart contract and let us handle the rest. We perform multiple swaps and bridges on the source and destination chains with no additional involvement on your end.

Price-impact And Slippage Protection

We minimize your swap’s hidden costs by shielding you from slippage and price impact. Akka Smart Router routes your single swap through multiple liquidity sources and divides it into smaller parts using transaction splitting and volume splitting mechanisms.

Arbitrage Scanner

Akka’s routing engine looks for arbitrage opportunities across DEXs on the entire chain as it processes the swap route. The engine rapidly executes arbitrage opportunities before they disappear, giving you unbeatable exchange rates.


Akka’s highly optimized smart contracts, developed by world-class experts, let you pay minimum gas fees for swaps and bridge operations.

Super-fast RFQ

Our cutting-edge routing algorithms perform the industry's fastest on-chain request for quotes. Your RFQs are processed in milliseconds.

How Akka Works

As simple as possible Select your source and destination chains and tokens and leave the rest to Akka, Akka smart router choose most optimized path based on liquidity and Gas-fee. Akka use cutting edge AI techniques for:
1. Route splitting
2. Volume splitting
3. Gas efficiency
All bridges also integrated in Akka.

Akka Roadmap

  • Q3, Q4 / 2023 & Q1 / 2024

    - Develop an AI-powered liquidity aggregator tailored to the needs of the Web 3 ecosystem. - Build robust protocols and algorithms to ensure efficient liquidity aggregation. - Lay the groundwork for seamless deployment on any EVM blockchains.

  • Q2 / 2024

    - Launch Akka Liquidity Access Layer on Core Chain, establishing a solid foundation within the Core Chain ecosystem. - Collaborate closely with the Core Chain community to gather feedback and ensure alignment with community needs. - Provide support and resources to facilitate the integration process for projects within the Core Chain ecosystem. - Initiate community-building initiatives such as meetups, webinars, and developer workshops to foster engagement and growth. - Conduct security audits and compliance checks to ensure the safety and integrity of our Liquidity Access Layer.

  • Q3, Q4 / 2024

    - Enhance the liquidity within the Core Chain ecosystem by enabling easy sharing of liquidity from other Layer 2 EVM solutions. - Facilitate seamless onboarding of users to Core Chain from other EVM blockchains through 1-click cross-chain swaps. - Foster collaboration with other projects in the Core Chain ecosystem through strategic partnerships and joint initiatives. - Develop educational resources and tutorials to empower users and developers within the Core Chain community.

  • 2025

    - Launch Akka token to incentivize liquidity providers and users within the Core Chain ecosystem. - Implement tokenomics strategies designed to promote sustainability and growth. - Conduct marketing and community engagement activities to raise awareness and foster adoption of our protocol and token within the Core Chain community. - Continue to iterate and improve our product based on feedback from the Core Chain community, prioritizing continuous innovation and enhancement.